Galip Bucking Unit

Bucking Unit

What is a Bucking Unit?
  • A bucking unit is a hydraulic machine used in the oil and gas industry primarily for making up or breaking out threaded connections in drilling tools and other downhole tools.
  • This includes operations such as screwing together or unscrewing drill pipe, casing, tubing, and other tool joints.
  • Bucking units come in various configurations, including horizontal, vertical, and mobile units, and can handle a wide range of tool sizes and types.
Bucking Unit
Benefits of a Bucking Units
  • Efficiency: Bucking units significantly increase the efficiency of makeup and breakout operations compared to manual methods.
  • Safety: They reduce the risks associated with manual handling of heavy and sometimes high-pressure components.
  • Precision: Bucking units provide precise control over torque and rotation, ensuring proper assembly and disassembly of tools.
  • Versatility: They can handle a wide range of tool sizes and types, making them versatile for various oilfield operations.
  • Quality Control: By monitoring and recording operation data, bucking units support quality control and traceability in tool assembly and maintenance.
  • Cost Saving: By improving efficiency and reducing the risk of damage during makeup and breakout operations, bucking units can contribute to cost savings in drilling operations
Bucking Units
How to Use a Bucking Units?
  • The tool or pipe to be worked on is secured in the bucking unit, which has powerful clamping and rotational mechanisms.
  • For making up (assembly), the bucking unit rotates one part of the tool to screw it onto another part, applying precise torque to achieve a secure connection.
  • For breaking out (disassembly), the unit applies rotational force in the opposite direction to unscrew the parts.
  • The bucking unit typically provides real-time monitoring and recording of the applied torque, turns, and shoulder position to ensure proper connection/disconnection and quality control.
What Can Users Do With a Bucking Unit?
  • Users can safely and efficiently assemble and disassemble drill string components, casing, tubing, and downhole tools.
  • They can apply precise torque to connections, ensuring the integrity of the assembled tools.
  • They can track and record data on makeup/breakout operations for quality control and auditing purposes.
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