Oilfield Mud Motors

360-Degree Rotating Bucking Unit

What is a 360-Degree Rotating Bucking Machine?

  • A 360-degree rotating bucking machine, also referred to as a bucking unit, is a specialized hydraulic equipment designed to make up (assemble) or break out (disassemble) threaded connections in drilling tools, casings, tubing, and other downhole tools.
  • The 360-degree feature means the machine can rotate the component it is working on a full 360 degrees, giving operators more control and flexibility during operations.

Here are some key features of our fully rotational bucking unit:

  • High Torque Capacity: Our machine handles up to 200,000 ft-lb of torque, accommodating a wide range of applications. It can operate efficiently from as low as 200 ft-lb, providing versatility for various operations.
  • Advanced Hydraulic System: The machine features a low-pressure hydraulic system, eliminating the need for high-pressure hoses and fittings. This not only reduces costs but also enhances safety.
  • Fixed and Traversing Components: The unit consists of a fixed headstock and a traversing tailstock.
  • Hydraulically Controlled Clamp Cylinders: Both headstock and tailstock include hydraulically controlled clamp cylinders that can adjust to tubular goods from 2 3/8 to 48 inches in OD without changing jaws, minimizing downtime and safety risks.
  • Fully Floating Tail and Headstock Option: For offset torque connections, the machine provides a fully floating tail and headstock option, available for machines up to 100,000 ft-lb and 22-inch working OD.

What Can Users Do With a 360-Degree Rotating Bucking Machine?

  • Users can efficiently assemble or disassemble threaded connections in drilling tools and other downhole components.
  • They can have more control over the operation due to the machine’s ability to rotate a full 360 degrees.
  • They can monitor and record detailed operation data for quality control and auditing purposes.

Benefits of a 360-Degree Rotating Bucking Machine

  • Improved Control: The 360-degree rotation provides improved control over the makeup or breakout process, making it easier to align and work with the components.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The 360-degree rotation can make the operations faster and more efficient.
  • Increased Safety: By minimizing manual handling of heavy components, the machine enhances workplace safety.
  • Quality Assurance: The machine’s built-in monitoring and recording systems provide valuable data for quality assurance and auditing.

Differences Between a 360-Degree Rotating Bucking Machine and a Normal Bucking Unit

  • Rotation Capability: The key difference is the ability of the 360-degree machine to rotate components a full 360 degrees, whereas standard bucking units may have more limited rotation capabilities.
  • Operational Control: The 360-degree rotation can offer greater control over the assembly or disassembly process.
  • Efficiency: Depending on the specific components and operations, the 360-degree rotation can potentially make the bucking process more efficient.