360-Degree Rotating Bucking Unit


The 360-Degree Rotating Bucking Unit offers precise, uniform torque application with its innovative rotation technology, essential for drilling operations.


The 360-Degree Rotating Bucking Unit is an advanced tool designed for the precise assembly and disassembly of threaded connections on drilling equipment. Featuring innovative 360-degree rotation technology, it ensures uniform torque application for optimal connection integrity in both onshore and offshore drilling operations. Its versatility and precision make it an essential tool for modern drilling environments, where safety, efficiency, and reliability are paramount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: What is the purpose of the 360-Degree Rotating Bucking Unit? A: It securely fastens or loosens threaded connections on drilling equipment, offering unparalleled precision with its 360-degree rotation capability, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in operations.
  • Q: Is this unit applicable for offshore drilling operations? A: Absolutely, the 360-Degree Rotating Bucking Unit is engineered for both onshore and offshore applications, offering flexibility across various drilling environments.
  • Q: Can it accommodate different sizes of drill pipes and casings? A: Yes, it’s designed to be versatile, fitting a range of sizes. However, compatibility details vary by model, so it’s important to check specific unit specifications.
  • Q: How does the 360-degree rotation improve torque application? A: The full rotation allows for even torque application around the entire connection, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring a secure fit every time.
  • Q: Do operators need special training to use the 360-Degree Rotating Bucking Unit? A: While it’s user-friendly, we recommend specialized training to maximize safety and efficiency, leveraging the unit’s full capabilities.
  • Q: What payment terms are required for the 360-Degree Rotating Bucking Unit? A: An initial 30% advance payment is needed to begin the design-to-order process, with the remaining balance due before the unit is shipped.
  • Q: Are 360-Degree Rotating Bucking Units readily available in stock? A: Our units are crafted to order to precisely meet your operational requirements, meaning we don’t keep ready-made units in stock.

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