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About Us

Galip Trenchless & Oil equipment Ltd. was born in October 2008, with a passion for producing screw drill tools, non-magnetic suspension joints, screw drill accessories, screw glue cleaners, PDC plane bearings, adjustable drill parts, 360-degree rotating bucking machines, Mud Motor Dynamometers,  turbine drill parts, equal-wall screw drills and other non-excavation drilling and oil drilling tools, cementing tools and their accessories. The company established and always upheld the spirit of “integrity, pragmatism, efficiency, innovation” to create the Galip oil tool brand with full force. The business achieved rapid development and gained wide recognition from the industry insiders, becoming a brilliant new star in the oil and non-excavation equipment manufacturing industry.


Main Products

Mud Motors HDD: Combat Sediment & Sand Risks

Introduction Mud motors HDD stand at the forefront of horizontal directional drilling operations, powering through earth and rock to pave the way for infrastructure development. Their robustness and efficiency are

HDD Mud Motor: Drilling Efficiency Unleashed

Introduction  In the specialized field of horizontal directional drilling, the efficiency and success of an operation are significantly influenced by the technology at its core, particularly the HDD mud motor.

Mud Motor Drilling
Mud Motor Drilling: Boosting HDD Efficiency

Introduction Mud motor drilling is changing how we do Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). It makes installing things underground easier and less harmful to the surface. This article looks at how