Bucking Unit


A bucking unit applies precise torque to assemble or disassemble drill pipe connections, using hydraulic or mechanical force for both onshore and offshore drilling operations.


A bucking unit is an essential tool in the oil and gas industry, primarily used for the assembly and disassembly of threaded connections in downhole tools, such as drill pipes, casings, and tubing. It employs hydraulic or mechanical force to apply and release torque, ensuring that connections are securely fastened or loosened according to precise specifications. This equipment is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the drill string and other downhole components, facilitating safe and efficient drilling operations. Bucking units vary in design, from bench-top models for smaller applications to large, floor-standing units capable of handling the demands of heavy-duty operations, making them versatile tools in both onshore and offshore drilling environments.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: What does a bucking unit do? A: It applies or releases torque to assemble or disassemble threaded connections on drilling tools, ensuring secure and precise operations.
  • Q: Can the bucking unit be used offshore? A: Yes, it’s designed for both onshore and offshore drilling applications, providing versatile operation environments.
  • Q: Is the bucking unit suitable for all sizes of drill pipes? A: The unit is adaptable to various sizes, but specific compatibility depends on the model and configuration.
  • Q: How does the bucking unit ensure precise torque application? A: It uses controlled hydraulic or mechanical force, calibrated to apply specific torque values accurately.
  • Q: Is training required to operate a bucking unit? A: Yes, proper training is recommended to ensure safe and efficient use of the bucking unit.
  • Q: What are the payment terms for purchasing a bucking unit? A: We require a 30% advance payment to commence the design-to-order process. The balance must be paid before shipping.
  • Q: Do you have any bucking units in stock? A: Our bucking units are designed to order, ensuring each unit meets the specific needs of your operation. We do not keep units in stock.

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