Quality Control & Payment Terms

Are you concerned with the quality of the product you’ve purchased?

ISO 9001:2008 and API standards guide both our production and processing procedures, guaranteeing our products conform to international quality requirements. Our well-established production technology further ensures this. For added reassurance, we accept third-party inspections by organizations like BV, SGS and TUV for further verification.

Before proceeding with payment, here are a few details you might find useful:

Payment Options: It is possible to pay with T/T (Telegraphic Transfer).

Shipping Methods:

For sample orders, courier services like DHL, UPS, TNT or FedEx or air shipment are advised; bulk orders require air or sea transportation services instead. With regard to quality assurance: AIR shipment or sea transportation may also be considered viable solutions.
At Quality Control Solutions we employ our own team of professional quality controllers who ensure every order undergoes stringent inspection and testing before it’s shipped out to our customers.

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